TX Podcast: Collective machine learning models with Fetch.ai


In this episode, we’re joined by Humayun Sheikh, CEO of Cambridge-based artificial intelligence lab Fetch.ai. Their blockchain-based platform enables collective learning by connecting multiple stakeholders to utilise AI, machine learning and statistics.

As long as data is resting with one entity, innovation is stagnated. When companies can work collectively and share data without revealing their competitive advantage, all can benefit and the speed of innovation can accelerate.

We discuss with Humayun, how the Web 3 space is evolving and the momentum behind different blockchains. How is Fetch.ai using blockchain and smart contracts to enable collective learning? How can building AI models collectively can work in practice?

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In the TX Podcast series, we dive into web 3 technologies and their role in the emergence of data economies with guests from some of the most forward-thinking companies from around the world. We talk about innovative ways of engineering value from data and the next generation of internet technologies including blockchain, decentralisation, AI and machine learning.

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