Creating anti-rival tokens for collaboration and sharing in ATARCA


This episode focuses on the key concepts of ATARCA (Accounting Technologies for Anti-Rival Coordination and Allocation), a two-year research project that TX has embarked on earlier this year. The aim of ATARCA is to investigate in its two pilot experiments how blockchain technologies can be used to create new types of businesses based on the replicable nature of digital resources. 

Head of Technology Jarno Marttila from TX and Dr. Esko Hakanen who is the Project Manager of ATARCA and a post-doctoral researcher at Aalto University talk about what the concept of anti-rival goods means, and how anti-rivalry could turn out to revolutionalise business especially with immaterial goods such as information within the next 20-30 years. 

They also discuss the more complex question of if and how this concept can be taken even to traditional and asset intensive sectors such as manufacturing where the new roles of collaboration, connectivity, and sustainability require added interaction and agile experimentation across companies, something which can benefit from anti-rival tokenisation.

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ATARCA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Any dissemination of results here presented reflects only the consortium view.

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2021-02-18 News

TX joins European consortium to solve market failure of artificially scarce digital goods

An EU grant of €2.75m has been awarded to the consortium for the ATARCA project. A new economic category for abundant goods — anti-rival goods that increase in value when shared — forms the basis of research. ATARCA aims to create a new economic system in which digital goods are no longer traded with mediums of exchange, such as fiat money, but with mediums of sharing.

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