NFTs with Matt Innes of Streamr


Matt Innes, Chief Design Officer of Streamr joins us from Melbourne, Australia to dive into the hottest topic of the moment – NFTs.

NFTs i.e. Non Fungible Tokens have been taking over the media space lately, with good cause. The most expensive NFT yet, made by Beeble, was recently sold for $69.3 million. Artists, musicians and digital designers everywhere are getting in on NFTs, and of course there’s backlash too.

Tune in with Matt and TX’s Ben Sheppard for a discussion on what NFTs are and what’s so groundbreaking about them? And why wouldn’t Matt trust anyone who says they know all about cryptos? We also hear the latest developments on the Streamr project.

Matt has been designing for cryptocurrency since 2013 leading design for projects like Hivewallet, Counterparty, Cobalt, Vizor and Golem. He also runs his own digital product design studio, Idealogue.

Streamr​ is working on the real-time data protocol of the decentralized web. The project was started by real-time data veterans with backgrounds in algorithmic trading and finance markets and is being built by contributors around the world. Streamr was crowdfunded $30M via ICO in October 2017.

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In the TX Podcast series, we dive into web 3 technologies and their role in the emergence of data economies with guests from some of the most forward-thinking companies from around the world. We talk about innovative ways of engineering value from data and the next generation of internet technologies including blockchain, decentralisation, AI and machine learning.

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