Seafood traceability in Peru, with Aimée Leslie of WWF


In this episode we’re joined by Aimée Leslie, Marine and Wildlife Programme Director at WWF Peru. Peru boasts nearly 300km coastline and 100 fishing ports, and Aimée is part of the team working at WWF Peru to drive seafood traceability and sustainable fishing practices in Peruvian fisheries.

Aimée gives us a lay of the land about small-scale fishing in Peru and the seafood traceability related projects that WWF Peru has, including their TrazApp. Together we reflect on how the lack of information and interoperability affect the governance of fisheries, based on TX’s experience of the Tracey project with WWF in the Philippines.

In the Track and Trace series of the TX podcast, guest experts join Jarno Marttila (Head of Technology, TX) to talk about the challenges around traceability and the role of emerging technologies in solving them.

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