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Miroslav Pokrovskii: A Software Developer who relocated to Finland

Five years ago, our Lead Software Developer Miroslav Pokrovskii had a difficult decision to make. He could relocate and move to Finland or look for new career opportunities in Russia.

“There was a point in my life where I needed a change. I knew how this business works in Russia, so why not try it in another country”, he remembers thinking.


Miroslav Pokrovskii


Lead Software Developer

Joined TX


A great career path in Russia

Before relocating to Finland, Miroslav had a great career path in Russia. He started programming just for the fun of it when he was only 12 years old. He decided to continue this direction academically at the ITMO University.

“While studying for my master’s degree in Computer Science, I worked on a couple of projects with my friends. Just before graduating, another friend of mine invited me to join his company as a web developer. Within five years I became the CTO leading a team of approximately 15 developers”, Miroslav says.

But even with an ascending career path, Miroslav felt he needed a change of scenery. He wanted to continue to work with new technologies, but he wanted to get to know new people and move to a new city.

”At first I thought about moving to Moscow, but I was also having some serious thoughts about relocating to some other country in northern Europe.”

One Twitter post changed Miroslav’s life

The first time Miroslav heard of TX (former Sujuwa) was through a friend, who was working at Sujuwa at the time. He had written a short tweet about Sujuwa searching for new developers to work in Helsinki, Finland.

“When I saw my friends post on Twitter, my first thought was “Okay, I’m ready”. I had visited Helsinki many times from St. Petersburg and felt it was a lot better and also a more comfortable choice for me than the big and hectic Moscow”, Miroslav says.

Soon Miroslav had his first Skype interview with Sujuwa. Then he was invited for a visit to meet the team in Helsinki. As things progressed, he accepted the job offer and moved his life to Finland. Even though it was a massive change in life, Miroslav took his new career step with an open mind.

“Helsinki appeared to be a great place to work and live. People at Sujuwa are friendly, public transportation is excellent, and I have so much better balance between work and life. Initially, I decided to try it out for one year. But after a few years, I’m still here”, he laughs.

“Finland feels now like a home”

Miroslav has lived in Finland now for five years. “And I can happily say that Finland is my home now”, he smiles.

“Even though the start was a bit bumpy, I and Sujuwa, now TX, have come far. We have created a better familiarization process for newcomers and warmly welcome more international talents to our team.”

These five years, Miroslav has been working on exciting projects with Outotec and Streamr. “It has been an exciting step forward from before. I am now working with new technologies, have those new colleagues and get to collaborate with different companies.”

“We’re developing something novel here at TX – something I hope other developers will use when they are solving problems with data. And more and more interesting new projects are coming now that our business is growing. I feel like I’m in a good place now, both at work and in life.”

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