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How Finnish telco Moi reshaped the future of mobile operators.


Moi Mobiili Oy

Mobile operator startup Moi wanted to completely reshape the way mobile operators work. The core of Moi's business model is looking at things from the customer's perspective. As a next-generation mobile operator, Moi can tailor and develop their services for selected target audiences in an agile way.

Existing telco systems have made it difficult – often almost impossible – to launch new services and businesses. Setting Moi's platform-supporting vision as going to be a challenge from the outset.

Moi business subscription view


Out-of-the-box thinking, experience and some innovative new technologies and made it possible to design and build an all digital operator in an efficient and cost-effective way which had never been done before in this industry.

End-user interface showing the status of the service package


One of the innovative ideas of this project is no SQL-based microservice architecture orchestrated by business process engines. We have minimised coding and used proven high-level commercial and open source products. This way solutions are less vulnerable for the time and people working on them and the solution scales well to telco volumes/loads

Components are selected with best-of-breed approach, without limiting our thinking to what had already been done this Mobile segment. For example Zuora, was chosen to be billing service, without Zuora having any cases it in the vertical. Zuora is one of the best platforms for subscription based system. The backbone of the Moi stack, Business Process Automation Platform, makes all the pieces working together and same time, every piece can be replaced. BP-Automation also makes processes visible and measurable. It’s easy to find bottlenecks in process on the fly and react.

Overall the solution is less vulnerable for the time, and people working on them. The solution scales well to telco volumes and meets tight requirements of regulation of the telco sector.

The Moi mobile app makes it easy for customers to manage their own orders.

“We built Moi's BSS including billing, web shops, self-service apps, marketing tools and all other systems, functionalities, processes and organisation in less than eight months time. I could say the price tag was 10–100 times lower than with most virtual operator projects”

— Kalle Vuoristo, Moi CTO

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