2021-06-09 Blog Rob Holmes

KRAKEN: Overcoming the challenge of privacy in data marketplaces with MPC

This new approach would open up access to widely dispersed and siloed health data for analysis, whilst ensuring that sensitive data is not exposed to any third party.

2021-05-26 Blog Markku Nousiainen

Making personal data accessible while strictly private – Design challenges in the KRAKEN project

Many data providers and consumers are first timers and need guidance as to why and how to share data, including more abstract topics about privacy and legality.

2021-05-19 Podcast

TX Podcast: How to build a leading DeFi brand – Avalanche, with Jay Kurahashi-Sofue of Ava Labs

Joining our podcast this time is Jay Kurahashi-Sofue, VP of Marketing at Ava Labs, the blockchain organisation building Avalanche.

2021-05-04 Podcast

TX Podcast: API3 and the DAO-governed model, with Sasa Milic

In this episode, we dive deeper into the topic of DAOs by talking to Sasa Milic of API3.

2021-04-27 Podcast

TX Podcast: Polkadot and DAOs, with Irina Karagyaur

Irina Karagyaur joins us to talk about Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and Polkadot, an open-source project founded by the Web3 Foundation.

2021-04-13 Podcast

TX Podcast: Decentralized derivatives, with Andrey Belyakov of Opium Protocol

Andrey Belyakov, founder and CEO of Opium Protocol joins us to talk about decentralized derivatives.

2021-03-31 Podcast

TX Podcast: NFTs with Matt Innes of Streamr

We dive into the hot topic of the moment, NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), with Matt Innes, Chief Design Officer of the Streamr project.

2021-03-23 Podcast

TX Podcast: Seafood traceability in Peru, with Aimée Leslie of WWF

Aimée Leslie is part of the team working at WWF Peru to drive seafood traceability and sustainable fishing practices in Peruvian fisheries.

2021-03-18 Blog Aleksi Lindblad

Upgrading legacy systems iteratively – the process-driven approach

It may feel tempting to start from scratch and get rid of the legacy system completely. However, this approach often brings a new set of problems.

Aleksi Lindblad TX
Fishing boats in Bicol

2021-03-09 News Laura Tuppurainen

Tracey pilot aims to offer micro-loans for SMEs and Micro Enterprises, powered by Binance Smart Chain

The Tracey app will enable micro-finance from both CeFi and DeFi lenders to help lift fisherfolk from poverty by using trade data to ascertain creditworthiness.

2021-03-03 Podcast

TX Podcast: Decentralized Finance with Julian Hosp of Cake Defi

We kick off the DeFi series of our podcast with Dr. Julian Hosp, cofounder and CEO of Cake Defi.

2021-02-18 News Laura Tuppurainen

TX joins European consortium to solve market failure of artificially scarce digital goods

A €2.75m EU grant has been awarded to the ATARCA project aiming to create a new economic system in which digital goods are traded with mediums of sharing.

2021-02-16 Podcast

TX Podcast: Driving transparency in the dairy value chain, Tomi Sirén of Arla

With increasing demand for transparency on farm animal welfare, Arla has developed two technology products to drive transparency in the dairy value chain.

2021-02-15 Blog Jarmo Suoranta

Drink as much coffee as you like – rethinking subscription-based services

Today, many of the most successful services are subscription-based. What makes a successful subscription service?

Rob Holmes

Recap of 2020 in the KRAKEN project

The EU-funded KRAKEN project aims to facilitate the sharing of personal data in healthcare and education by ensuring the preservation of privacy. Rob Holmes gives an overview of the year 2020 in the project.

Rob Holmes TX
Jarmo Suoranta

Creating IT that enables online business strategies

Jarmo Suoranta shares the recipe for a modern automated subscription based service.

2020-11-24 Podcast

TX Podcast: Data marketplaces in manufacturing, with Fastems

In this episode, we discuss how the use of real-time data is changing manufacturing, and the data economies that are emerging in this industry with Tomi Kankainen of Fastems.

2020-11-10 Podcast

TX Podcast: Harnessing data to transform operations with Arcadis Gen

Michael Rose, Chief Strategy Officer of Arcadis Gen join us to talk about their data-driven products that are helping organisations transform their operations.

2020-11-04 Podcast

TX Podcast: Developing a marketplace for health and education data with Atos

In this episode, we learn more about Atos, the multinational IT company working as our partner in the EU H2020 funded KRAKEN project.

Aleksi Lindblad

Is your ecommerce solution standing in the way of scaling your business?

When your business is becoming digital, a webshop is not simply an isolated component – it must be integrated with your business as a whole.

2020-10-27 Podcast

TX Podcast: Collective machine learning models with Fetch.ai

Humayun Sheikh, CEO of Cambridge-based artificial intelligence lab Fetch.ai, joins us to talk about why collective machine learning models are necessary for accelerating innovation.

2020-10-12 Podcast

TX Podcast: The world’s first Data Union, Swash

We talk to Swash and Streamr – two companies on a mission to create a better, more dignified internet where people are in control of their data.

2020-10-05 Podcast

TX Podcast: The innovative county using drones for medicine delivery, Llewelyn Morgan of Oxfordshire

In this episode, we discuss the innovation projects of Oxfordshire County Council and how counties can benefit from Web 3 technologies and real-time data to create better infrastructure and services for citizens.

2020-09-23 Podcast

TX Podcast: The future of Vehicle Data, Peter Busch of Bosch

In this episode, we discuss where the automotive industry is heading in terms of data sharing and the challenges and opportunities around vehicle generated data with Peter Busch of Bosch.

2020-09-22 Blog Jarmo Suoranta

Cornerstones of business models in the new normal

It’s time to ensure that businesses meet the requirements of the new normal.

2020-09-15 Podcast

TX Podcast: Effect.ai unlocking the value of data with AI & human talent combined

Chris Dawe, CEO and Co-Founder Effect.ai, joins us to discuss how Artificial Intelligence and a global workforce can unlock the value of data for organisations.

2020-09-08 Podcast

TX Podcast: Creating value from data in the Telco industry with Charlotte Patrick

In this episode we dive into data monetisation and the commercial opportunities created by data in the telco industry with independent analyst Charlotte Patrick.

2020-08-31 Podcast

TX Podcast: Continental and the Web 3 technologies shaping the automotive industry

It is estimated that by 2025, 90% of produced vehicles will have embedded connectivity solutions. We invited Stefan Schneider and Konrad Hilarius of Continental AG to talk about the future of the automotive industry, where the growing amount of vehicle data is unlocking opportunities for data monetisation.

2020-08-24 Blog Ben Sheppard

Blockchain won’t solve your traceability issues if you’re not capturing accurate data – how we Assess the problem space

With the hype of blockchain over the last few years, numerous companies are now offering blockchain-enabled traceability solutions. But the fundamental problem that must be solved before data is entered onto the chain is its accuracy and correctness.

2020-08-20 Blog Jarmo Suoranta

Building the Postmodern ERP

ERP systems have been the heart of companies since the rise of the digital era. Like the human heart, the ERP should be active at all times, pushing freshly oxidised blood throughout the body and keeping the machine running smoothly.

2020-07-20 Podcast

TX Podcast: Whim App

In this instalment of the TX Podcast, we talk to Krista Huhtala-Jenks, Head of Ecosystem & Sustainability at the world’s first Mobility-as-a-Service operator MaaS Global and VP of the MaaS Alliance. MaaS Global is the company behind the Whim app, which is already live in a number of cities and regions across Europe.

2020-06-23 Podcast

TX Podcast: MPTC and the potential of data for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)

On this episode, we have Raymund Patrick Ramos, Technology Officer at Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation, the largest toll road operator in the Philippines and one of the largest in Asia. MPTC is one of the forward thinking tollroad operators beginning their data journey to unlock value from data and create improved services for their customers.

2020-06-02 Podcast

TX Podcast: UnionBank of the Philippines

We’re talking with Ramon Duarte, Head of Platform and Transactions of UnionBank of the Philippines about how innovative technologies in the financial sector are helping to bank those that are unbanked. We discuss UnionBank’s exciting initiatives involving blockchain and data monetisation.

2020-05-05 Podcast

TX Podcast: Decentralised data transportation – Streamr Network

Streamr is one of the companies pioneering in decentralised data systems. In this episode, we’re talking to Henri Pihkala, CEO of Streamr about the benefits of decentralised vs traditional data systems, data crowd-sourcing and crowdselling, and how Streamr is creating a fertile ground for new business models around data monetisation and fairer value chains in the data context.

2020-04-22 Podcast

TX Podcast: Data economies within Health and Pharmaceuticals industries

In our podcast, we’re interviewing Davide Zaccagnini MD at Lynkeus about the importance of big data and data economies within the Pharmaceuticals and HealthCare industry. We also discuss progress on the KRAKEN H2020 project.

2020-04-06 Podcast

TX Podcast: Crowdsourcing and monetising data (Data Unions)

We invited the Head Of Growth from the Streamr project, Shiv Malik to talk about crowdsourcing and monetising data from millions of individuals in a legally compliant manner. Streamr project refers to this process as a Data Union. Subscribe to this podcast to hear all about the importance of data unions.

2020-03-31 Podcast

TX Podcast: A design-centric approach to engineering data economies

In this podcast, we discuss our new collaboration with Sangre Oy, a Finnish design company that will be working with TX on Engineering Data Economies.

2020-03-19 Blog Martin Moravek

Unlocking vehicle data and creating value for both the vehicle manufacturer and driver

Giving drivers greater control over their car’s data to decide whether to share it with 3rd parties in return for a share of the revenues generated from its sale could help vehicle manufacturers overcome their existing challenges to monetize vehicle data.

2020-03-05 Podcast

TX Podcast: Traceability of Seafood

Ben Sheppard (Managing Director) and Jarno Marttila (Head of Technology) discussing traceability of seafood and their project referred to as “Tracey”, being delivered in partnership with WWF and UnionBank of the Philippines.

2020-02-26 Blog Rob Holmes

Engineering Solutions for the Future Data Economy in Healthcare

The growth of the medical Internet of Things (IoT) market and the accelerating drive for truly personalised health has led to a boom in the development and consumption of wearable devices that are produced to measure attributes such as personal heart rate, steps walked, blood pressure and other useful data of citizens.

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