Gutly Foods is building an automated business from the start.

Client: Gutly Foods

Gutly Foods is a startup heading for international markets from the very beginning. The Finnish startup offers a monthly subscription-based service where fibre-rich Gutly Foods breakfast and snack products are delivered to the customer’s home. The products are designed to help customers increase the amount of fibre in their diet and live better in their daily life.

Based on scientific research, data, and understanding of the customer, the startup aims to provide ever more tailored products to promote the health and wellbeing of individuals. The vision is to build a fully digital, automated and scalable business model. Their digital business platform will act as the only sales channel and enable them to build deep customer relationships with constant interaction, and to collect data that will help them serve their customers better.

Image: Polina Rytova on Unsplash

Iterative development that looks ahead

Gutly Foods is developing their business iteratively in a process-driven way – that means building the processes from the outside in, starting from customer needs and working in towards production.

Their business platform is developed in such a way that they can test the critical parts of the business early with small investments and based on the findings, develop the architecture further. Constantly, Gutly Foods is moving towards a high-quality architecture that scales with their business plan.

Gutly Foods product
Gutly Foods granola product

TX is the Digital Mentor

Gutly Foods needed advice that would help them make well-informed technology choices, assess what is needed at which point, and gain visibility toward future development and the required investments. TX Tomorrow Explored has been the Digital Mentor helping Gutly Foods figure out what solutions, systems and databases will serve the business now and what will be required in the future. The IT architecture plan is constantly updated as the business grows and expands.

The goal is to build a platform where all business processes are digital and can be automated. The platform is built using ready-made solutions and open source technologies where possible, using custom solutions only where needed. Camunda is the tool that glues the process together, starting from the subscription-delivery process to marketing automation and customer experience management.

When business processes are entirely digital and subscription happens online, reliability and security of the platform is paramount. Databases and analysis play a central role, as a lot of data is generated through the own sales channel. A certain level of flexibility is needed for new markets. Despite the process staying the constant variable, solutions can be market-specific if needed.


As a result of our work together, Gutly Foods has gained an understanding and visibility over what happens now, next and in the future. They have a constant awareness over which solutions will serve in the long term, what must be replaced, and what kind of resources will be needed to make this transition. Based on these insights, they are able to form a view of what the next phases of development will cost in time and budget.

“Unusually for a startup, we were building a digital business platform and its architecture right from the beginning. The big picture we’d established ourselves, but for the technological side, we needed a partner who had experience of a similar scale and business model. Experience of open source solutions was also important. While version 0.9 is in the works, we’ve already gained an understanding of the solutions that will be needed in phase 2.0, the costs and resourcing needs.

— Mika Aalto, Co-founder & Head of Platform, Gutly Foods

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