Silta – the bridge to a sustainable future

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Silta Finance is a solution that directs DeFi and TradFi towards sustainable real-world infrastructure. TX is the technology partner building Silta.

The vision behind Silta is to build a world with sufficient renewable power, clean water and infrastructure. The reality today is that many of the small-scale, progressive projects for developing these assets face roadblocks due to complex and costly financing mechanisms.

In traditional project finance deals, it can take up to 3 years and millions of dollars to put together a financing package and carry out due diligence. This makes the funding model ill-suited to smaller projects valued from a few million up to 100M USD. Projects that typically fall under this scope include essential infrastructure assets that communities desperately need, such as solid waste management, water supply and treatment plants, renewable power such as solar plants or wind turbines, or energy-efficient street lighting.

Silta opens up brand new funding sources for sustainable infrastructure by connecting borrowers to DeFi and TradFi via its financing marketplace. Silta simplifies the due diligence and impact assessment process, makes funding cheaper and faster, and is applicable globally. Silta rewards developers of real-world assets with tokens for delivering their sustainable development goal (SDG) targets.

The Silta solution is currently in development. Once operational, it will do three things: 

  • Conduct due diligence and sustainability impact scoring (Silta Score) on borrowers’ debt financing applications
  • Act as a marketplace (Financing Marketplace) that brings together borrowers with TradFi and DeFi protocols to broker financing deals
  • Monitor the borrowers’ performance (Project Portal) during the construction and operations of real-world assets

At the heart of the solution is the Silta token, a governance and utility token. Silta will empower its token holders to steer financing towards infrastructure projects which are good for the world. Silta is paving the way for community-led, decentralized assessment of project viability and sustainability impact.

With an increasing number of borrowers around the world, DeFi protocols and TradFi lenders showing a keen interest in Silta, the future looks bright for the project.

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