Streamr is creating an open source platform for the free and fair exchange of the world’s real-time data.

Collaborators: Streamr

Streamr is the missing real-time data protocol for the decentralised web. It is being built by contributors from around the world, who are developing the infrastructure that will power the world’s data economy and give people back control of their information.

Streamr looks forward to a data economy where humans, AI and other smart machines are all trading and sharing real-time data through a common protocol. Instead of our data being subject to the whims of unaccountable tech giants, it should be owned and monetised by its producers and travel through open-source, decentralised networks beyond the control of any single entity.

TX and the Streamr Tech Stack

The Streamr Tech Stack is centred around the real-time data Network, combined with the Data Marketplace and Streamr Core application which makes manipulating and monetising data possible and straightforward.

As a trusted development partner of Streamr, TX has brought unique capabilities to the project, advising on the commercial application Streamr’s technology stack. We also provide bespoke, private instances of Streamr Technology Stack and scalable solutions for enterprises and industries.

The Streamr Network is a scalable real-time messaging system, which enables applications and devices such as IoT sensors or connected cars to share and trade their data. Currently centralised, Streamr are decentralising it in four stages. Learn more on the Streamr website.

Streamr Data Marketplace
A canvas in Streamr Core

Streamr Marketplace is for buying and selling real-time data. This is the first application to be built on the Streamr Network, with a range of products, from cryptocurrency feeds to pollution data. Most excitingly, individuals can now form Data Unions in order to crowdsell their data through our Community Products tool.

TX provides custom, white-labeled instances of the Marketplace for private enterprises an organisations.

Streamr Core gives you all the basic tools needed to integrate, process and visualise real-time data. Create a stream from your device, filter it with our drag and drop canvas tool, visualise it on a dashboard, or create a data product and sell it on the Streamr Marketplace.

TX is playing vital role in boosting user adoption of the Streamr technology stack. Their key experts, such as Michael Malka (CTO), are providing invaluable knowledge and support in promoting a decentralized data economy to major enterprises around the globe.

— Henri Pihkala,
Streamr CEO

Henri Pihkala on stage at the Bosch Connected World 2019
Streamr DATA token

The DATA token is an ERC-20 token used across the Streamr platform. It is used for payments on the Marketplace, and it will power the incentive mechanism on the Streamer Network. There is a total supply of nearly 1 billion DATA, and it trades on Binance, Bancor and many other exchanges.

With access to the people who created Streamr’s DATA token and managed the successful ICO, TX is ideally posititioned to consult on, programme and launch Cryptographic tokens.

The Streamr has attracted talent from across the globe. This is the primary reason for its success as a project and why it consistently releases cutting edge technology and products. Streamr’s teams are made up of people who are passionate and very best at what they do, whether it’s design, development, communication or operations.

TX has access to Streamr’s expertise in addition our own, so we can assemble and scale teams for our customers’ projects no matter how ambitious or where their location.

Streamr winning an award for innovation at Startup Autobahn last year.

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