Agile Web3 development ensures end-user satisfaction

Great applications are satisfying to use. An agile development approach delivers the product people want.

Achieving the best results comes from continuous iteration. Each decision and result should be reviewed with the target audience: the community that will actively engage with the finished product. Our agile development approach will help you build a product people want to spend time with.

Build the appropriate Web3 solution

Blockchain integrations and smart contract development

Benefit from Web3 technology one launch at a time. Integrate parts of an existing technical architecture to a blockchain or start building with a Web3 native stack. We specialize in implementing Layer 1 and 2 solutions.

Satisfying end-user dApps

Decentralized applications are often cumbersome to use. Interacting with web and mobile applications can be intuitive and enjoyable when designed properly.

Development is improvement

Solving the right problems

The end user should enjoy and value your product. If your idea still needs refining, start with our Web3 bootstrapping service to get your vision into focus.

Optimizing progress with agile development

Each development phase sets achievable goals in a manageable timeframe. The core audience engages with the newest deliverables, producing valuable feedback for future stages.

Building with the community

Reviewing community response helps to build an enjoyable experience. The iterative process continues until the product is ready for launch – and for each new version beyond.

What our partners think about the process

“TX is playing a vital role in boosting user adoption of the Streamr technology stack. Their key experts are providing invaluable knowledge and support in promoting a decentralized data economy to major enterprises around the globe.“

Henri Pihkala
Streamr CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps are included in agile development?

It is important to understand that planning stages often involve making assumptions about your user base, i.e., community. The development phase tests those assumptions, and the results are used to improve the final product. Here’s one example of iterative development:

New features are exposed to the community for immediate feedback. The feedback is reviewed, and the features are refined to improve user experience. This co-creational style of development ensures that the final product becomes more aligned with the community’s desires, increasing chances of success.

Compared to a classic “waterfall” style of development where developers fulfill a list of technical requirements, an agile approach adjusts and finetunes the list based on user feedback.

How much does it cost to develop a Web3 product or service?

You might be looking to hire individual people, define the development roadmap, or design the entire concept. Therefore, the estimated cost of work will be tailored according to your needs.

To get started, schedule a short meeting with our CDO Mikael.

How long does it take to develop a Web3 product or service?

Similar to cost, development time is also highly dependent on your needs. We are happy to help implement blockchain technology to a small part of your business, build the entire architecture, or focus on the end-user with a web or mobile application.

Let us know more about your desires by scheduling a short meeting with our CDO Mikael.

What tech stack do you use?

We are technologically agnostic. That means we rely on the best technologies for each product, including Web3 native or a mix of Web2 and Web3 technologies.

That said, we are very familiar with Streamr Network if you are looking for a core service layer that implements an open-source and vendor-neutral publish/subscribe (pub-sub) protocol for transmitting real-time data.

What are your references?

All our case studies can be found on our Projects page.

Take a look at DataHive, an AI platform providing the infrastructure for a fair & efficient personal information economy.

We are also the technology partner of Silta, which directs DeFi and TradFi toward sustainable real-world infrastructure.

And we have been the trusted development partner of Streamr Network for many years.

Can we hire interim leadership?

Of course! Our highly-experienced managers can take leadership roles as unit-leading CTOs or other key product or project management positions.

We can also provide individual developers who have gathered relevant know-how from working on other Web3 projects.

Can we hire individual developers?

Yes, absolutely! Our developers have worked on different Web3 projects and are able to share their best practices while working on your product.

Interim managers are also a great way to continue development while searching for a more permanent solution. If you require a CTO or other management-level help, just let us know.

Contact us

Looking for someone to stir your ideas? We would be happy to lend you a helping hand. Our Chief Design Officer Mikael has an open mind and calendar.

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