We guide organisations through the decentralised web

We provide blockchain consultancy and development services to enterprises and startups. We help companies explore and test future business models offered by decentralised technologies and blockchain, and we implement technologies into market-ready applications.

What we do

Blockchain consulting

We provide understanding on how blockchain can help solve your business problem, giving honest advice on blockchain and whether you need it. We help you create a strategy and business models around blockchain.

Decentralised application development (dApps)

When decentralised technologies are the fitting solution to the business need, we can develop your dApp from start to finish, from design to PoC and MVP development and a market-ready application.

Blockchain development

We have experience of developing public, private, and hybrid blockchain networks on the most widely used enterprise-grade blockchains Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. 

Smart contract development

We build and audit smart contracts, facilitating fast and secure crypto payments and enabling oracles. We create Data Unions and Streamr Marketplace contracts. 

Cryptographic tokens

We provide extensive knowledge of the use and deployment of fungible and nonfungible tokens in different use cases. We also provide consulting to help crypto projects to industry and adoption.

Service Design & UX/UI

We design decentralised solutions and applications to discover user needs and ensure a seamless user experience with your service.

Take the first step – Co-creation workshop

In a collaborative workshop, we gain an understanding where decentralised technologies can create value in your business. We work with you to assess the business need, whether and how blockchain can help solve your challenge, and initially scope what the solution might look like. 

Why work with us


We have experts with backgrounds from various industries who can articulate and demystify blockchain and decentralisation in a non-technical way, to help you understand if and how blockchain can serve your business.


We have a global team of developers with a deep technical understanding and experience of building blockchain in our projects with Fortune 500 companies and global organisations.


Starting from your business angle and strategy, we can lead you all the way through to technical development and building PoCs and pilots out of use cases, MVPs and applications.


We help embed the solution to your operating environment and provide post-implementation training, maintenance and operations support.

Related case study

We’re working with WWF and UnionBank of the Philippines to improve traceability and sustainable fishing

Through this collaboration, we’re developing a blockchain-enabled application, Tracey, that will incentivise fishers to record their catch data and earning capacity digitally.

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