We make smarter IT architecture.

We provide software development and consultancy services to help our clients reshape and digitalise their business.

A well-designed, smart IT architecture is one that fits its purpose. An experienced development team is able to make informed decisions on what is essential based on the client’s business needs and the purpose of the system. We choose technology most suited, with a solution that is the right size to the problem.

We have a track record of delivering innovative services to diverse organisations and industries. We have formed long-term partnerships with our clients since 2007.



  • Digital strategy
  • Data economies
  • Data monetisation
  • Decentralised business models


  • IT project management
  • BPMN 2.0 business process modelling
  • UX/UI design
  • Service design


  • Web applications and software development
  • Mobile applications
  • DevOps
  • Blockchain solutions
  • Real-time data processing

How Finnish telco Moi reshaped the future of mobile operators

Moi Mobiili wants to completely reshape the way mobile operators work. Moi is the 100% digital mobile operator.

“We built Moi’s BSS, including billing, webshops, self-service apps, marketing tools, process and organisation in less than eight months. I could say the price tag was 10-100 times lower than with most operator projects.”

— Kalle Vuoristo, Moi CTO

Our expertise

100% digitalised business

Building a digitalised business is all about the business processes and how the IT-systems can fulfil them. We help our clients orchestrate business processes through a BPM workflow automation platform, enabling fully digitalised business.

Digital Mentor

We help our clients lead development projects from start to maintenance. As a Digital Mentor, and we’ll evaluate and design technological solutions based on our client’s business needs. This involves:

  • Creating an understandable “big picture” of technology choices and a development roadmap
  • Evaluating technological choices and what has been done in light of current needs, such as scaling up
  • Assessing risk factors and bottle necks
  • Advising on digitalising and automating services and processes and removing dependencies
  • Providing the direction of software architecture and advising the development team

Tomorrow’s business models explored

Decentralisation and blockchain offer opportunities for sustainable business model innovations. We help companies explore and test future business models offered by decentralised technologies when they’re thinking about expanding to new markets or technologies. We discover opportunities for new services or threats disrupting the industry, creating new service concepts, technical architecture designs and service prototypes.

Unlocking the value of data

We help companies realise the value of data through data monetisation. We have developed use cases involving blockchain, IoT, decentralisation, AI and machine learning to solve problems and create opportunities.

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