Tracey – your customisable traceability and trade data application

Tracey is a blockchain-enabled traceability and trade data application that incentivises actors in the value chain to collect and share verified traceability data.

Collecting verified data in the first mile of a value chain can be problematic, as the short term trade-off makes it unattractive for the first actors in the supply chain to provide accurate data, particularly when tracing products from developing countries into foreign territories.

Tracey provides the missing piece in establishing traceability in the supply chain by providing financial incentives in exchange for data.

Application areas







Health & Pharmaceuticals

High-value goods

“Collaboration with TX, WWF-Philippines and the GDST promises to be not just innovative but game-changing. We are quite excited about this work; this concept is core in adopting traceability in a market driven approach, and the most apt application of blockchain in food traceability yet.”

— Susan Roxas, Asia-Pacific Lead, Global Seafood Traceability, WWF

Our approach

We deploy a three-phased approach to deliver a customised version of the Tracey app, from understanding where value can be derived with a digital strategy to live pilots, bespoke app development and a market-ready technology.

Phase 1


To customise your Tracey app, we first need to understand the data value chain of your product. Our team of experts have worked across multiple industries and will evaluate the value chain, identifying what bespoke functionality and tailoring is needed. We can provide guidance on data-driven business models that deliver value to you and important stakeholders.

Phase 2


A customised version of the Tracey app is deployed into a ‘live’ or ‘simulated’ environment to test and evaluate the effectiveness of the solution in a pilot. Guidance, training and support are provided throughout the pilot. Branding can also be included at this stage if needed.

Phase 3


Your customised Tracey app is refined based on the outcomes of the pilot to meet the remaining customer requirements before full implementation and roll-out. We provide the training, maintenance and operations support needed to launch the solution for use in the supply chain.

Related case study

We’re working with WWF and UnionBank of the Philippines to improve traceability and sustainable fishing

Our blockchain-enabled application, Tracey, will incentivise fishers to record their catch data and earning capacity digitally while enabling them to gain access to micro-financing.

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