Web3 businesses and communities are built together

Building a Web3 community is an art of its own. A community doesn’t appear overnight; it needs to be built on top of a strong foundation.

Marketing actions often target the core community members, who provide a testbed for co-design and development feedback. Nurturing the community further requires clear governance, active peer-to-peer marketing, and continuous support. Winning the community’s trust will set you up for long-term growth and sustainable success.

How to build a Web3 community?

Community design defines the
core audience

The community represents your whole Web3 ecosystem. A healthy community has a balanced representation of each key stakeholder group. 

The governance, rules, rewards, and modes of participation require careful planning: community design. What is the primary purpose of the community? Is it a DAO? What can the community vote on? What value proposals incentivize people to participate? How do we make sure they behave themselves and what happens if not?

Marketing attracts new members

Reach passionate individuals to join your cause and make sure they represent the kind of spirit you want to see in your community. Continue speaking to them with the right tone and message in the right channels.

Identify suitable spokespersons from your community and give them channels to be heard. Peer-to-peer marketing is the most effective way to win people’s hearts.

Community building services

Community design
and consulting

  • Defining the community’s value propositions and modes of participation, and adopting or building the necessary tools for them

  • Resolving questions related to governance, content moderation, rules, marketing, and reward mechanisms among others

Content creation and community management

  • Compelling content in relevant channels to educate community members and keep them engaged

  • Active community management maintains a healthy and inviting environment for individuals to grow

High-level interim

  • Kick-start community marketing with CMO-level strategic and executive leadership

  • Strengthen your efforts with advisory help from experienced community builders and managers

Three stages in building Web3 communities

1 Setting up for success

  • Solid strategic foundation to grow online and social presence

  • Definition of key member groups. Research on how to engage them and with what kind of tailored messages.

  • Creation of modifiable assets that scale for cross-channel promotion  

2 Nurturing a seed community

  • Every community requires active participation, or else it’s just a big ghost town.

  • Attracting and nurturing high-quality members is a crucial step before entering the growth phase.

  • Content creation aiming to create company spokesperson brands

3 Growing the community

  • The time to go all-out on building a vibrant community

  • An agile approach, which consists of iterative experiments with the community and carefully selected metrics, will find the quickest way to grow your numbers

Case study

Unique non-monetary reward system for Streamr community members

TX collaborated with Streamr as part of the ATARCA research project to innovate new types of non-monetary rewards to increase Web3 community participation and contributions and to create network effects for community growth.

A new type of community award token called ‘Shareable Non-transferable NFT’, or sNFT, was developed for this purpose, with the possibility to mint further copies (thus ‘shareable’) of NFT awards to co-contributors who have helped to make those contributions possible.

The resulting Streamr Awards are cryptographically signed proofs of personal achievements and skills. They are currently being applied in a pilot project as part of Streamr’s referral marketing program, the ‘Stream Team’. The Talko web platform which is used for issuing, browsing and sharing these awards, aims to open up to other Web3 projects and become a multi Web3 project platform for community awards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the deliverables in Web3 community marketing?

Every project has different targets, but the number of active members ultimately defines any community-driven product or service. Compared to a more traditional sense of “users,” Web3 projects require “contributors” in order to build a vibrant community.

Building and nurturing growth is more collaborative than just pumping out fresh SEO-friendly content and buying ad placements on different media. The best way to start forming a community is to have a quick pow-wow session with us.

How long does it take to reach target metrics?

It’s always great to reach for the stars. Together, we can plan a realistic timeline for relevant goals with the available resources. Are you kickstarting your journey in community-building, or do you already have dedicated members?

If you are still trying to decide who to target, consider spending a moment defining your community to focus marketing efforts more appropriately. That’s something we can also help you with.

Once the fundamentals have been established, small iterative experiments with feedback and metrics can be made to create results and growth.

How much does community marketing cost?

Marketing is an active business. Depending on your community-building stage, you may first need to focus on creating compelling content to capture people’s attention. In later stages, you will likely need active community managers to help members and stimulate conversation.

Our experience shows personnel costs can be up to 80% of the total budget, with the remainder allocated for paid media distribution.

Can we hire interim marketing managers?

Definitely! We’ve been a part of growing the community for Streamr Network and other projects within the Web3 space. We’ll happily set you up for growth as a CMO or in other key management positions.

What kinds of Web3 projects do you work with?

We want decentralized technology to have a positive impact on society. The key element is to develop services that provide utility to its stakeholders. Web3 projects that generate value purely on speculation are not within our interests. For more information, please read about TX’s company values.

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