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Ville Turpeinen: A major career shift – from pilot to Software Developer

Way back in the ‘90s our Software Developer Ville Turpeinen started developing games with his high school friends. It was a fun hobby which turned into a proper career for many of the guys later on. But not for Ville until recently

“After finishing high school and completing my military service, I travelled to the USA and studied to become a pilot. And a pilot I was, for almost 20 years.”

Ville Turpeinen
Software developer
Joined TX

Jumping from intense working hours as a pilot to the fascinating world of new tech 

“Working as a pilot is very intense sometimes over 200 hotel nights per year and working in shifts around the clock”, Ville explains.

After 19 years, in spring 2018, Ville decided it was time to call a change. He had a plan of having a one-year sabbatical, but he changed his mind very quickly when he noticed a 12-week learning program on IT & software development organized by Academic Work.

“I’ve been fascinated by the tech business and software development my whole life. I knew I had to give it a try, and luckily, I got in. From September to December, I studied, studied and studied - 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Those were some tough weeks, but I truly learned a lot”, he says.

“After finishing the program, it was time to find a suitable job. With the help of Academic Work, I was invited to a meeting at TX. After two interviews, I had that feeling - TX could well be the best place to work for me.”

“I had a couple of interviews with other companies, but TX stood out. TX seemed like a dynamic, small organization with a lot of different clients and interesting projects to work on for me. I also had one interview with my future consultant team. The connection was immediately great. And of course, the location of the TX office in the very centre of Helsinki was a great bonus!”

Ville’s learning process has continued with the help of his colleagues

These past nine months, Ville has carried on with his journey to become a great software developer. There weren't any beginner’s projects at TX, which meant Ville had to jump into some of our most significant projects right away.


“Luckily my team has been a great support and has helped me a lot along the way”, says Ville.

Right now, Ville’s primary customer is Moi, a mobile operator startup with a mission to reshape the future of Finnish mobile operators. 

Ville has developed Moi's web page and web store together with Moi's team. The startup has quickly gained a firm position in the Finnish market with a massive number of monthly users.

“It feels amazing to have created something used by hundreds of thousands of people. For me, a finished project and a happy customer are the best outcomes in my current job”, says Ville, and quickly adds: “And of course, our whole team here at TX. It's easy to work when there's an open environment, people are accepted as they are, and the organization is super flat. I can go to anyone with any question or problem in mind knowing I will get help.”

Great start and an even brighter future

Ville’s career journey at TX has been great. Soon Ville will become one of the first certified DevOps Specialists at TX.

“System architecture and these enormous back-end systems can be very inspiring. In the future, I want to be a true expert on cloud infrastructure and be able to create large systems from scratch. Luckily, I see my career having a very bright future”, Ville smiles.

What comes to Ville’s major career shift, he still feels it was the right move to make.

“Of course, the ways of working as a developer are completely different when compared to the aviation business. I really love the flexible working hours and ability to work from home if I feel so. Thankfully I can keeping track of schedule and progress in projects. So far I’ve had no regrets switching my career to ever developing tech business.”

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