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We guide our clients through the Web3. 

What we do

Bootstrap Web3 projects

We know the blueprint of Web3 projects and can help founders to clarify the idea, formulate technical and visionary whitepapers, build brands, and get the MVP out.

Design and development services

Our team can take care of every aspect of application development: service design, UX/UI design, web development, mobile development as well as smart contract development.

What we have done

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DataHive Builds a Fair and Efficient Personal Data Economy

Our information economy is broken. BigTech companies have hoarded and monetized user data and violated people’s privacy and data rights. What’s there to be done?

TX collaborated with DataHive, a ground-breaking Web3 startup, and helped to bootstrap its concept that lets people reclaim the ownership and control of their own data. DataHive builds a whole new personal information economy that is fair to its users and efficient in creating value for its stakeholders.

Streamr is creating an open-source platform for the free and fair exchange of the world’s real-time data

Streamr is the missing real-time data protocol for the decentralized web. It is being built by contributors from around the world, who are developing the infrastructure that will power the world’s data economy and give people back control of their information.

As the trusted Web3 design and development partner of Streamr, TX helped with the token ecosystem, UI/UX, and branding. We have also supported the Streamr protocol development with related decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts.

Silta – The Bridge to a Sustainable Future

TX is the technology partner building Silta, the solution that directs DeFi and TradFi toward sustainable real-world infrastructure.

The vision behind Silta is to build a world with sufficient renewable power, clean water and infrastructure. The reality today is that many of the small-scale, progressive projects for developing these assets face roadblocks due to complex and costly financing mechanisms. Silta simplifies the due diligence and impact assessment process, makes funding cheaper and faster, and is applicable globally.

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