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Jarmo Suoranta

Don’t miss out on discovering new data-driven business models with ecosystem design

You know the phrase: if it’s free, then you are the product? Well, that is not entirely true. Sometimes you make the payment and still become the product. That’s the limitation of the current data capitalism: data is so valuable that companies hesitate to share it with others. However, the right incentives could allow data to do more good. Ecosystem design can help disrupt the status quo and establish new, cooperative business models.

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Markku Nousiainen

Service Design is not enough for Web3 – an update is in the works

Service design is doing a great job, and so is its sibling UX design. We’ve all enjoyed the results in the form of better working apps and web services. But it’s good to realize that service design is a practice tailored for Web2 and its mainstream adoption dates back to the rise of digital platforms one or two decades ago. There’s an update in the works for Web3, and it’s called ecosystem design. I’ll explain in this post what it’s all about.

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Ari Ojanperä

(The lack of) utility in Web3 – Tomorrow Explored Podcast

In this episode, we find out why Web3 projects often lack utility and what are the elements to keep in mind when setting up your Web3 idea toward success.

2023-05-09 Blog Jarmo Suoranta

Shareable NFTs supercharge the utility of normal NFTs

NFTs spearheaded the Web3 hype in recent years, receiving major attention from global brands and media outlets. As the dust has settled, it is time to get excited about the newest evolution of NFTs and the utility value of shareable NFTs, or sNFTs.

2023-04-25 Blog Ari Ojanperä

Tiedote: Yhteisölliset kanta-asiakasohjelmat osaksi yritysten markkinointia – Starbucks ja airBaltic Web3-kehityksen kärjessä

Web3-teknologiat avaavat yrityksille uusia kannustimia asiakasmarkkinointiin. Mutta kuinka yhteisölliset kanta-asiakasohjelmat toteutuvat? Lue lisää!

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2023-03-30 Blog Ari Ojanperä

Web3 for Businesses: 7 Must-Ask Questions to Get Started

In the rapidly evolving online economy, businesses that embrace innovation and adapt to new technologies often gain a competitive edge. Web3 is changing the rules of the game, offering enhanced security, data privacy, and groundbreaking innovations in the digital space. In this blog post, I’ll answer seven essential questions a Web3-curious business owner should be asking.

2023-02-27 Blog Ari Ojanperä

How does it feel working in TX?

You might wonder about it, right? When you are participating in the hiring process, even though you can get a glimpse of how a company’s culture might look like, you cannot be sure until you are onboarded and start living it yourself. However, we want to show you how it is to be part of our amazing company as much as possible so you are certain of your decision to join us.

2023-01-20 Blog Ari Ojanperä

Understanding Web3: 10 Key Concepts Explained Simply

Web3 is the next iteration of the internet, where power and control are spread out among many. It’s built on new technologies that open up opportunities for how we interact and transact online. However, understanding the complex Web3 space can take time and effort. This blog post explains 10 fundamental concepts to help you get started.

2022-11-14 Podcast

Building Web3 Services With Ecosystem Design – Tomorrow Explored Podcast

Tomorrow Explored Podcast ventures into the decentralized discussion space. In this episode, we will discover the basics of ecosystem design and how it can be used to create Web3 services. Our guest speaker is TX’s Senior Designer Markku Nousiainen, who utilizes these tools and principles on a daily basis.

2022-11-07 Blog Ari Ojanperä

Data Marketplace Aggregator Receives 1st Prize at Junction on the Web3 challenge by TX and Streamr

TX and Streamr mentored Junction 2022 hackathon teams to develop fair and ethical data business models. In 48 hours, the winning team Data Malfunction developed a vision of a marketplace that combines data producers and buyers on an easy-to-use platform using Streamr Network.

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