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TX is an advisory and software development company specialising in the application of blockchain technology and decentralised data.

We are making technology of tomorrow accessible for clients today.

Our goal is to develop solutions that truly empower industries, organisations and people by unlocking the value of data.

TX promotes a data economy through the application of the Streamr technology stack.

Selected case study

We’re helping Streamr to create an open source platform for the free and fair exchange of the world’s real-time data.

Streamr is making data streams tradeable. They provide a single interface for real-time data delivery and payment, using their cryptographic token, DATA. A real-time data economy is born.

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Selected case study

How we helped Moi to reshape the future of Finnish mobile operators.

Mobile operator startup Moi wants to completely reshape the way mobile operators work in Finland. That is not easy, since unlike in other parts of Western Europe, Finland’s mobile operator network market has traditionally been protected.

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Selected case study

We supported Streamr, Bosch and Riddle&Code win 2nd place in the TIoTA Smart E-Mobility Challenge

What if councils and companies responsible for maintaining road networks could make better decisions on routing, speed limits and safety by having access to more and better data?

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