We harness technology to turn world-changing ideas into reality.

We provide advisory and development services to help our clients reshape and digitalise their business and explore business models offered by blockchain and decentralised technologies.

We believe in blockchain and decentralised data as key enablers towards a shift to a fairer, more sustainable world, and in developing software and solutions that truly empower industries, organisations and people.

Our services

Software development & consulting

We advise and develop software, web applications and mobile apps to help our clients digitalise business and solve challenges.

Process-driven development

We employ the process-driven approach to digitalise and automate business processes through a BPM workflow automation platform.

Blockchain development & consulting

We advise organisations on blockchain, tokenisation and decentralisation, and develop blockchain solutions, dApps, and smart contracts.

Data Economies

We engineer value from data by finding innovative ways to empower our clients’ customer base and supply chain to monetise and share their data.


We create solutions that incentivise actors in the supply chain to provide verified traceability data with our customisable tracebility app, Tracey.

Our expertise

We make smarter IT architecture

A well-designed, smart IT architecture is one that fits its purpose and fills the business need with the technology most suited, and a solution that is the right size to the problem. Under our former name Sujuwa, we’ve delivered application services to our clients since 2007.

Want to build 100% digitalised business?

Building a digitalised business is all about the business processes and how the IT-systems can fulfil them. This is where we employ the process-driven approach. We help our clients orchestrate business processes through a BPM workflow automation platform, enabling fully digitalised business.

We guide organisations through blockchain

We help companies explore and test future business models offered by decentralised technologies and blockchain. We provide advice on how blockchain can serve our client’s business, and we implement technologies into market-ready applications.

We engineer value from data

We help companies find innovative ways to empower their customer base and supply chain to monetise and share their data. We engineer data economies with technology and solutions fully compliant with GDPR and adaptable to comply with other international privacy laws.

Traceability solutions enabled by blockchain

Our blockchain-enabled traceability and trade data application incentivises actors in the value chain to collect and share verified traceability data. The customisable Tracey app provides the missing piece in establishing traceability in the supply chain by providing first-mile actors with financial incentives in exchange for data.

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