Essential Web3 services

Successful Web3 projects aren’t born by accident. Our services are structured to help you through the entire Web3 roadmap.

Web3 concept design, tokenomics, software development and community building are all integral parts of what TX offers.

Enter the Web3 space
with confidence

Our experienced team is ready to support you from concept creation to software development and beyond.

Ecosystem design and tokenomics

Clarify the concept and tokenomics with our ecosystem design process. Starting with a solid foundation makes future development more effortless.

Agile software development

Provide real value to stakeholders and make them want more. An agile software development approach delivers the product people enjoy spending time with.

Community building and marketing

Test assumptions with core community members and keep improving your product. Nurturing a vibrant community is essential for long-term growth and success in Web3.

We can also help you with…

UX/UI design

We design beautiful and meaningful user experiences, interfaces, and visual identities. In order to create truly valuable services, the focus must always be on the end-user, not technology.

Unique branding

We create visual identities to boost your pitch decks and online presence. Present information in a captivating yet simple manner to get your message across to relevant stakeholders.

Launching dApps

When decentralized technologies are the fitting solution to the business need, we can develop your dApp from start to finish, from design to PoC and MVP development and a market-ready application.

Interim manager leadership

Starting with limited resources can hinder growth. Our highly-experienced managers can lead your design and tech teams until your project lands a more permanent solution. We also provide individual developers to support your progress.

Web3 advisory guidance

Do you need help understanding how Web3 connects with your business or how to combine Web3 technology with the existing architecture? Let’s explore your situation together to find the right solutions.

…Something else?

Do you need help with something else? Please get in touch with us so we may learn more about your needs and how they could best be addressed.


Succeed with trusted Web3 pioneers

Whether you are in your early stages or in development, our expertise will help you to build your product and community as well as succeed in funding rounds. We specialize in creating long-term value with our clients.


Become future-proof with Web3

Integrate the newest innovations in blockchain technology seamlessly with your technical architecture. We can create a tailored roadmap to guide your business through a successful digital transformation toward Web2.5 and Web3.

What our partners think

Ray Gill
DataHive Co-Founder

“The TX team have played a key role in helping us think through the inner workings of our value proposition, refine our thinking, and uncover adjacent offerings which we hadn’t explored.

Their ecosystem design process, co-design workshops, and defining user personas truly tested our thinking to help create a unique offering which has given us a first-mover advantage.“

Matthew Fontana
Streamr Head of Ecosystem

“Thanks to TX, external stakeholders praise the client for the quality of their products. The team listens to the client’s needs and goals and explains complex and technical terms in an understandable manner. Moreover, their work quality and attention to detail are impressive.”

Contact us

Looking for someone to stir your ideas? We would be happy to lend you a helping hand. Our Chief Design Officer Mikael has an open mind and calendar.

Find a time with Mikael:

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