Own the skills of tomorrow

We look beyond familiar platforms to discover solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. From pioneering software development to blockchain and decentralized data, TX is working at the cutting edge of technology.

TX is a flat organization where no one is above anyone else. This gives each team member the opportunity to define their future skills and grow to their full potential together with a team of independent pros.

Why work with TX?

Pioneering technology

At TX, there are opportunities to work with cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and decentralized data which have the potential to revolutionize industries and make a positive impact.

Collaborative teams

To be truly pioneering, our teams work collaboratively and share knowledge, inspiration and advice. We have monthly get-togethers where teams share what they’ve been working on.

Trust in ideas

Everyone is trusted to take initiatives to try new approaches on projects. We find it rewarding to explore our potential as well as our limitations. We believe failure is an important part of the journey to success so we encourage everyone to try out their ideas.

Employee stories

Simon Hailu: Guided by curiosity to explore the best tech out there

It’s been a year since Simon Hailu joined TX as a DevOps Engineer. Curiosity has been a driving factor in Simon’s life whether it be tinkering with video game code or studying new technologies.

“I’ve usually been the guy who first studies something and then makes it available for other team members. Once I’ve shown others how to use it, I would move on to the next thing. That has kinda enabled me to quickly get into new things and keep on learning.”

Salla Willman: A creative developer in search of a great working environment

Two years ago, a creative Software Developer Salla Willman was searching for a work environment better matching her personal needs and expectations.

“In my opinion, the world of software development is nowadays very creative. I was looking to find a work environment where I can put my creative self out there, try out new technologies and work as a consultant with similar-minded coworkers and clients”, Salla says.

Santeri Juslenius: This young talent is a valued part of the team

Santeri Juslenius is one of our youngest and newest talents to jump on board at TX. In a short matter of time, he has earned himself a vital part of our TX Technology Exploration team. As a Labs Developer Santeri is developing our products and experimenting with Streamr daily.

Truth be told, working as a developer wasn’t something Santeri had in mind for himself…

Santeri Juslenius
Julieta Arenas, TX Office Operations Manager

Julieta Arenas: The multitasking manager who keeps TX running

If you’re looking to start working with TX, chances are that you’ll be in touch with Julieta before your first day begins. Julieta Arenas is TX’s Office Operations Manager, who plays a key part in human resources, financial events, travel arrangements, and just about everything that fits in between – even ordering custom TX cookies for office parties! But how does she manage all this?

“Ha, that’s a good question. I guess I just like multitasking. I like to feel that I’m getting things done, and I enjoy having a little bit of this and a little bit of that on my plate”, she explains.

Working with TX

CEO Jarmo Suoranta unveiling the values to the TX team

Values as a Core of TX’s Culture

Our vision was split into three main categories rather than creating a list of values. The first category is the Gatekeeper rule, which describes the people we hope to work with and the bad behaviors we discourage within our team. The second category, internal values, explains how we want to conduct our daily operations. It’s essentially the core of our team culture. The last category illustrates our external values and what we expect from the businesses and people we interact with outside of TX.

How does it feel working in TX?

You might wonder about it, right? When you are participating in the hiring process, even though you can get a glimpse of how a company’s culture might look like, you cannot be sure until you are onboarded and start living it yourself. However, we want to show you how it is to be part of our amazing company as much as possible so you are certain of your decision to join us.

Ari Ojanperä, TX Marketing Lead
Jarmo Suoranta

Digital Nomad Working With TX

The TX office was always full of people coding and mingling until the pandemic struck. Like many other companies, we have also made the permanent shift from remote-friendly toward remote-first. Although the brain hub still lives in Finland, many of our members are scattered in different countries as digital nomads.

Whichever location and model you choose, we will try to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Join TX

We are always on the lookout for good people to join our team. Our open positions are listed below. Please note that all applications are to be made via these links, and we don’t accept applications via email.

Open Application (Developers)

Helsinki, Barcelona, Flexible remote

Don’t see your role listed but think you’d be a great fit? Please leave us an open application.

“In TX, I’ve got the chance to participate in building new technologies and to face many new challenges from building POCs to writing scientific publications.”

— Santeri Juslenius, Developer

Get in touch 

If you’d like to learn more about us or you have a question in mind, please reach out to us for a chat. If you’d like to apply for a role, please see the relevant job ad to follow the application process.


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