About us

At TX, we believe fairer, more sustainable business models are possible. We believe that decentralized networks, blockchains and data economies are the key enablers and building blocks of this future.

Our goal is to develop systems where everyone can own their data and collaborate on value creation. We help our clients navigate the frontiers of technology to create innovative solutions and fairer data economies. Also, our mission is to seek fellow-minded problem solvers and offer a place where you can continuously challenge yourself with the team’s 100% support.

The TX Story

TX was born in 2019 when the road of three Finnish companies crossed. Sujuwa ltd. was a team of experienced software developers founded already in 2007. Data in Chains had worked with the Streamr project since its inception and had unique experiences from the domain of Web3. Finally, Sangre ltd was a house of designers and developers who brought a user-first approach to over 200 successful projects since the dawn of web2. Together we launched TX – a software development and consulting company specializing in Web3.

TX was born out of market demand. Through Today, as TX, we serve everyone who likes to think outside the box and reinvent business models. We can help entrepreneurs, projects, and organizations innovate and build fair and incredible solutions for the Web3 era.

TX company structure

The following brands belong to the same group of companies. Together we complement each other and our customers.

Klaro Technology
Leading open-source CPQ making complex sales processes simple

Digital solutions for healthcare and remote services

Process-driven, fully digitalized, next-level BSS and ERP solutions

Our team

TX houses a growing team of 20+ people. We have offices in Helsinki and Tampere in Finland. The rest of us work remotely from locations in Europe and Asia.

Get in touch

For information on how we can transform your sector or business, please book a meeting or get in touch using the contact details below. To submit a job application, please visit our Careers page. We don’t accept applications via email.


Street address:
Siltasaarenkatu 6-10
00530, Helsinki

Jarmo Suoranta


+358 400 958 991

Julieta Arenas

Office Operations Manager

+358 445 669 165