About us

We believe a fairer, more sustainable future is possible. At TX, we pride ourselves on helping clients navigate the frontiers of technology. We do this by providing clear, accessible specialist advice based on continuous research and our combined experience.

We believe that decentralised networks and data ecosystems are the foundations of tomorrow’s technology – the building blocks of the future. This is why we leverage the open-source software created by Streamr, which enables data to be securely owned, efficiently shared and fairly monetised. We also help clients find innovative solutions using cloud and industry specific technologies, tailored to their requirements.

The TX story

The software development company Sujuwa – established in 2007 by TX CTO Michael Malka – has been involved with Streamr since its inception. As a member of The Streamr Partnerships Team, Michael has been speaking to enterprises to promote the adoption of the Streamr technology stack across multiple industries.

TX was born out of market demand. Through listening and learning what the market was asking for, it became clear that enterprises want to have choice between the public instance of the Streamr Technology Stack and their customized dedicated instances. Furthermore, they want more advice in general around topics like blockchain, decentralisation and data economies.

In 2018, Sujuwa joined forces with another blockchain expert, Data in Chains Ltd. Together we launched TX – a software development and consulting company specialising in the intersection of blockchain and real-time data. We believe that the combination allows organisations to innovate for their future in incredibly powerful ways.

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