What we do

We are a software development and data ecosystem consultancy, using Streamr as one of our primary platforms for helping clients meet tomorrow’s technology.

Through our work with Streamr we have developed use cases involving blockchain, IoT, decentralisation, AI and machine learning to solve the problems and create opportunities. While we are pioneers of tomorrow’s new, fairer internet, we are also technology agnostic. This means we can also use cloud and other centralised technologies when they are the most appropriate option.

Software Development & Service Design

Our core team are experienced software developers. We know our languages and platforms, and we offer innovative application services, long-term partnerships and unique solutions which create significant value for our clients. These include, e.g.;

– Web & Mobile Application Development
– Software Architecture and Consulting
– Workflow and Business Process Automation Solutions
– dApp (Decentralized Application) Development
– Smart Contract Development

Service Design is a pragmatic way of gaining a better understanding of your audience, problem and market before implementation. Our methodologies and activities include User-centered Design (UCD) and User Experience (UX) design, ensuring your project will meet the real needs of the end-users.

For more information, contact Jarmo Suoranta.

Blockchain & Data Monetisation

Blockchain is a powerful, but largely misunderstood new technological development. Our team of experts have a deep understanding of cryptographic tokens, digital payment scaling solutions, the Ethereum blockchain, encryption, smart contracting, P2P pub/sub networks, and oracles. If blockchain works for you, we will build the required implementation, and take the all hassle out of the entire innovation process.

Read about the process of how we unlock the value of data below or contact Ben Sheppard for more information.


Unlocking the value of data

We provide the necessary consulting services that enterprises are accustomed to prior to procuring a technology solution.

TX deploys a three-phased approach to help organisations unlock the commercial value of their data.

Phase 1: Assess

For an enterprise to invest in a technology they first need to understand what problem the technology will solve and then have a business case detailing the benefits. This will comprise the cost profile and revenue opportunity. In other words, business cases are the tool Enterprises use to decide on whether to invest their R&D money.

TX helps organisations produce these business cases by undertaking an initial consulting assignment we refer to as ‘Assess’. It's typically a 2–4 week assignment where we review the client's need for the Streamr stack, qualify the benefits case and provide an outline pilot design.

Phase 2: Test

Competitive advantage is key to any successful enterprise. So when a game-changing solution is identified, enterprises tend to lock down all information under NDAs until testing and piloting has been completed and they are ready for launch. Depending on the vertical, the timescales from business case to launch can vary considerably. For example, projects within the mobility industry can have up to a three year sales process. Other verticals that have less onerous compliance such as fisheries, can move more swiftly. Of course being locked in to an NDA also means that piloting using the public facing Streamr stack is almost impossible.

TX solves this problem by providing dedicated instances of the Streamr stack so that enterprises can test privately and even request new features before deciding whether to progress onto the final outcome of using the Streamr public stack, or having their own version. We refer to this as Phase 2 ‘Test’ and this can last anywhere from 3–12 months depending on the client’s requirements.

Phase 3: Adopt

The final and most exciting phase in our consulting package is of course, ‘Adopt’. This is where the Customer adopts the Streamr stack and we design and build the final product to the specifications outlined during the pilot phase.

We provide a number options depending on what the client requires in terms of infrastructure and running costs.
These include

  • - Using the public Streamr Stack under open source license
  • - Dedicated instances of the Stack under open source licenses
  • - Custom license via TX

Contact Ben Sheppard for more information

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