How does it feel working in TX?


Ari Ojanperä

Ari Ojanperä
Head of Marketing at TX

You might wonder about it, right? When you are participating in the hiring process, even though you can get a glimpse of how a company’s culture might look like, you cannot be sure until you are onboarded and start living it yourself. However, we want to show you how it is to be part of our amazing company as much as possible so you are certain of your decision to join us.

After chatting with different team members, one thing they all agree on is that TX provides a very flexible environment and a friendly atmosphere with passionate people about software development.

At TX, for people who like to be self-directed in their problem-solving, being proactive is an important asset to our team (as opposed to people who want specific instructions).

We are open-minded to fresh ideas and encourage our team with real possibilities to learn new tech (we don’t expect you to be an expert in every technology you’ll come across). For example, it’s not unfamiliar for us to see a developer moving into working more with DevOps or a front-end dev shifting into back-end development. We are not afraid of trying new things.

Everyone’s insights and opinions are meaningful, and you can influence things inside the company and how we work. This requires taking the initiative, but it is possible and has been done multiple times.

In general, we’re flexible with a lot of things as long as stuff gets done. Being results-oriented is what matters the most.

Key to maintaining a better work-life balance is staying realistic with deadlines. We try to communicate actively with our customers and manage time/deadline expectations, so we don’t have to work overtime or hurry like crazy to meet unrealistic deadlines. We’re usually pretty good at this.

Moreover, we are one of the not-so-many companies who have experience and connections in the Web3 side.

Want to begin working with us?

Joining TX will allow you to grow, master your skills and develop new ones. Are you up for the challenge?

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