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We have developed use cases involving blockchain, IoT, decentralization, AI and machine learning to solve problems and create opportunities with clients including Fortune 500 companies and organizations such as the WWF. We operate globally to deliver solutions in a range of industries.

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DataHive Builds a Fair and Efficient Personal Data Economy

TX collaborated with DataHive to bootstrap its concept that lets people reclaim the ownership and control of their own data. DataHive builds a whole new personal information economy that is fair to its users and efficient in creating value for its stakeholders.

Silta – The Bridge to a Sustainable Future

TX is the technology partner building Silta, a solution to connect DeFi with infrastructure funding.

ATARCA Aims to Solve the Market Failure of Artificially Scarce Digital Goods

This EU H2020 funded project proposes to incentivize the sharing of digital goods through the creation of a new financial technology: anti-rival tokens.

KRAKEN: We’re returning the control of data back to users with a marketplace for personal data

The EU H2020 funded KRAKEN project aims to enable the sharing, brokerage, and trading of potentially sensitive personal data in healthcare by returning the control of this data to citizens throughout the entire data lifecycle.

We’re working with WWF and UnionBank of the Philippines to improve traceability and sustainable fishing

Through this collaboration, we’re developing a blockchain-enabled application, Tracey, that will incentivize fishers to record their catch data and earning capacity digitally.

Streamr is creating an open-source platform for the free and fair exchange of the world’s real-time data

Streamr is the missing real-time data protocol for the decentralized web. It is being built by contributors from around the world, who are developing the infrastructure that will power the world’s data economy and give people back control of their information.

Investigation of the data assets within MPTC to identify new ways of generating value

Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) is the largest toll road developer and operator in the Philippines in terms of vehicle traffic volume, revenue levels, asset base, and in terms of combined length of expressways in kilometers.

We helped Streamr, Bosch and Riddle&Code win 2nd place in the TIoTA Smart E-Mobility Challenge

What if councils and companies responsible for maintaining road networks could make better decisions on routing, speed limits, and safety by having access to more and better data?

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