Creating value from data in the Telco industry with Charlotte Patrick


In this episode we dive into data monetisation and the commercial opportunities created by data in the telco industry.

Our guest Charlotte Patrick is an independent analyst who specialises in AI, automation and analytics for the telco industry and has made a career previously with Gartner. According to Patrick, an average telco could gain 300M USD of yearly revenue from monetising data – and this is only considering the use cases known to us now.

We hear Patrick’s fascinating insights on where the telco industry is heading with regards to data, where we will start seeing value created from the data generated by our phones, and what kind of innovative business models technology enables in this sphere.

We also touch upon the concept of Data Unions: how putting individuals – the phone users – in control of their data and allowing individuals to gain a revenue share in data sales can open up competitive advantages for telco providers.

In the TX Podcast series, we dive into web 3 technologies and their role in the emergence of data economies with guests from some of the most forward-thinking companies from around the world. We talk about innovative ways of engineering value from data and the next generation of internet technologies including blockchain, decentralisation, AI and machine learning.

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