TX Podcast: UnionBank of the Philippines


In this episode, we’re talking with Ramon Duarte, Head of Platform and Transactions of UnionBank of the Philippines about how innovative technologies in the financial sector are helping to bank those that are unbanked.

Together with our guest, we discuss UnionBank’s exciting initiatives involving blockchain and data monetisation. UnionBank has been one of the leading banking institutions to adopt blockchain, understanding its role as a mitigator of trust in trade between different parties. In the Philippines, there is no unified identity system. Through blockchain solutions, UnionBank is driving financial inclusion by providing financial services such as loans to people who don’t exist in the system.

One of the most progressive banks in the world, UnionBank sees the value of blockchain in enabling solutions that make a difference whilst still making commercial sense. Together TX, UnionBank, WWF and Streamr are developing the blockchain-enabled Tracey application that enables fisherfolk to access micro-financing in return for traceability and trade data in Bicol and Mindoro, Philippines.

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We’re working with WWF and UnionBank of the Philippines to improve traceability and sustainable fishing

Through this collaboration, we’re developing a blockchain-enabled application, Tracey, that will incentivise fishers to record their catch data and earning capacity digitally.

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