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Julieta Arenas: The multitasking manager who keeps TX running

If you’re looking to start working with TX, chances are that you’ll be in touch with Julieta before your first day begins. Julieta Arenas is TX’s Office Operations Manager, who plays a key part in human resources, financial events, travel arrangements, and just about everything that fits in between – even ordering custom TX cookies for office parties! But how does she manage all this?

“Ha, that’s a good question. I guess I just like multitasking. I like to feel that I’m getting things done, and I enjoy having a little bit of this and a little bit of that on my plate”, she explains.

Julieta Arenas Office Operations Manager TX


Julieta Arenas


Office Operations Manager

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Julieta came to Finland from Mexico to work as a Spanish teacher several years ago. Moving to a new country also meant learning a new language. Luckily enough, she had the opportunity to study for a business degree in Finnish and also try other work opportunities. Although teaching is not her main profession anymore, Julieta’s still giving lessons to eager estudiantes.

“I still have my Spanish lessons, but now it’s a hobby. It’s nice that I have this new profession that I really enjoy, and at the same time, I can still keep doing something I’m passionate about.”

Hybrid hands-on work

Julieta’s work is generally structured with invoicing, payrolls, and holidays. But there is still a lot of room for ad hoc changes, like setting up travel plans for events and helping new employees get started. One of the biggest work-life changes, unsurprisingly, has been Covid.

“A lot of our people wanted a hybrid model with office and remote work, and others said they would prefer not to come back to the office at all. There were many things to consider, and we had to think carefully about how to make people feel comfortable and happy.”

Nowadays, TX supports working anywhere you like, even outside Finland as a digital nomad. But there’s still an office space in downtown Helsinki for those who need socializing and real post-it notes.

Cookies with a TX brand by Julieta
The TX cookies tasted better than they look – and they look amazing!

“In pre-Covid times, we were actually looking to move to a bigger office. Now, the office is smaller than before, but we have a perfect amount of open floor space for natural chitchat and enough rooms for meetings or private discussions.”

And just so happens there’s also a new Mexican restaurant downstairs that Julieta definitely approves of. Nice!

Working with future talents

Exploring the near future possibilities, Julieta imagines herself working more closely with talent recruitment. After all, she does know TX’s people and culture very well to see who could be a great addition.

“I haven’t done much in that area, but it would be really interesting to interview people, see if they are a good fit with us, and understand what we can offer to somebody looking to join our team. Finding those matches could be quite interesting.”

TX is a multicultural working environment, which you can get a glimpse of by reading our other employee stories. However, diversity can always be improved, especially with more women.

“TX is a really nice place with really nice people, and having more women around would definitely be lovely. I think the number of women developers is also increasing, so hopefully, we will get more soon.”

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