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Salla Willman: A creative developer in search of a great working environment

Two years ago, a creative Software Developer Salla Willman was searching for a work environment better matching her personal needs and expectations.

“In my opinion, the world of software development is nowadays very creative. I was looking to find a work environment where I can put my creative self out there, try out new technologies and work as a consultant with similar-minded co-workers and clients”, Salla says.

But how did Salla find her way to TX and has she found her ideal working environment?


Salla Willman


Software Developer

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A creative developer by accident

Becoming a talented software developer was a bit of an accident for Salla. She was studying Media and Film at Turku University of Applied Sciences with digital media as her calling.

“Digital media was a new thing then, and I was very into it. I noticed the possibility to study digital media as a part of Computer Sciences, so I applied and switched my major. I quickly understood my studies would consist of a fair amount of computing and data processing, but I liked it”, she says.

While studying Computer Science Salla discovered it was notably similar to creating art.

“Like in art, you have an empty canvas to fulfill with basically anything you want. Of course, there are some limits in developing and writing code, but the idea of creating something new, some solution with just using your creative mind and skills are the same.”

Finding her way to TX after some exciting projects

During her studies as well as after graduation, Salla found herself working in really appealing projects and companies. For several years she worked as a consultant at Accenture creating solutions for clients. After Accenture, Salla got a job in digital media company Icareus as a Software Developer. Then she came across TX and decided to apply.

“I enjoyed working as a consultant, and also loved the working in a smaller team at Icareus. But neither was an exact match with my ideal workplace. When I came across TX, I felt many pieces coming together. I could work as a consultant in a small team with cool technologies and create something completely new from scratch. With that in mind, I wanted to find out if the environment was suitable for me, so I gave them a call”, Salla remembers.

One of the two interviews was held by what would be her future team of consultants at TX. It was immediately evident that both parties wanted to meet each other to figure out if they would be a good match.

“I thought it was an awesome way to recruit people. As an applicant, I felt like they were truly interested in me as a person as well as my suitability to the team and vice versa. I got to see all of my possible teammates, ask questions, take a walk around the office and get a sense if TX would be the best working environment for me.”

Salla appreciates an open company culture

Two years have passed at TX, and Salla has genuinely enjoyed her time in good company with a culture of flat hierarchy. She is especially fond of the time spent with her consultant team in weekly meetings as well as the monthly get-togethers with the whole office.

“We have small teams with no bureaucracy. Our culture is very open. Everyone’s opinion is respected in our daily interaction, even if it’s positive or negative”, Salla says.

At TX, Salla has been able to get her creative side out there, use new technologies and develop new solutions and technologies to the market. Salla sees the company growth as a fantastic professional growth opportunity for herself too.

“It’s interesting to see where we are going as a company. I think our growth now and in the future will bring us more opportunities, new exciting projects for my colleagues and me, and the possibility to grow as a developer even more. TX truly feels like a great working environment for me.”

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