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Santeri Juslenius: This young talent is a valued part of the team

Santeri Juslenius is one of our youngest and newest talents to jump on board at TX. In a short matter of time, he has earned himself a vital part of our TX Technology Exploration team. As a Labs Developer Santeri is developing our products and experimenting with Streamr daily.

Truth to be told, working as a developer wasn’t something Santeri had in mind for himself.. 

“Even though computers have been in my life since my teenage years, I never thought it would be something I’d make a career of”, he says.


Santeri Juslenius



Joined TX


Inspiring career possibilities led to a change in plans

“In upper secondary school, I planned to become a microbiologist or a biochemist. One day we had some visitors from the University of Helsinki informing us about the many possibilities in the field of Computer Science. Career-wise it became evident, choosing Computer Science and I’d always have a job. It seemed tempting”, Santeri explains.

Santeri started his Computer Science studies at the University of Helsinki in 2015 without having written a single line of code in his life. Despite the lack of hands-on experience, Santeri was a fast learner and caught up quickly.

After learning to code accurately and finishing his Bachelor studies, Santeri began a search for a job where he could continue developing his newfound skills. For some reason, he had grown an interest towards peer to peer solutions in IoT and met with an interesting company at a recruiting event held at his Campus.

“One of my friends from University was at the Streamr stand. I went to have a chat and ended up taking a business card from TX Consultant Team Leader Aleksi. A couple of months later, I sent an email to Streamr’s recruitment email for possible job opportunities. I was then redirected to Jarmo and we set up a meeting right away.”

After meeting with us twice, Santeri was excited to join our team. The feeling was entirely mutual.

A warm welcome extended into valuable ideas and projects

We gave Santeri a warm welcome to the team at the beginning of March 2019.

“My first days here consisted of meeting everyone and getting my work equipment organised. We have this list of things to do for the newcomers to do during the first days. I thought it was a fantastic idea, and helpful too! I also had a mentor, our CFO Jarno. He was great support for me in the beginning.”, Santeri remembers.

“Today I sit in the same table in the office with our CEO Jarmo and other very skilled people. I have pretty direct communication lines to the top management. That is what I call a flat organization. I feel I am being listened to, and my opinions seem to be valued here. My views and ideas are noticed even if I’m still a young talent. I think it says a lot about our company culture.”

From the beginning onwards, Santeri has taken on many different applied user cases for Streamr. As a Labs Developer, Santeri is resourcing and developing our software soon to be published. 

He remembers one of his first cases very well: testing our software with our fridge.

“It was hilarious! I put two sensors into our fridge to measure temperature, humidity, pressure and the door’s acceleration. The sensors picked up data, which we then ran through two streams measuring the door’s movement. In our monthly meeting, we went through the results and had a total blast when we discovered someone had visited the company fridge Saturday at 4 am”, he laughs.

What does the future hold for Santeri?

These eight months with us at TX, Santeri has been working with what he wished for: peer to peer network solutions and other projects.

“And on top of that, I’m taking on a new responsibility soon. As getting closer to launching, I’m benchmarking our competition and comparing other similar software to ours. It’s an interesting task to take on”, Santeri says.

There’s also one big project to finish outside work: graduating from the University of Helsinki. Santeri still has 1.5 years of his master’s studies left but isn’t afraid of combining his studies and work.

“At TX, I can put a great deal of my theoretical knowledge into practice. Developing my skills here at work has also supported my studies very well. I hope I can continue working at TX during my final studies. I also can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t continue at TX after graduation as well.”

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