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Joining us this time is Chris Dawe, CEO and Co-Founder Effect.ai, the company helping organisations succeed with structuring data and the deployment of AI automation. Effect.ai brings intelligence to data to help businesses make use of and experiment with the data they have.

Data is usable when it’s structured. That’s why Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the holy grail of artificial intelligence. Today, humans still play a vital role in AI, validating systems and structuring data sets. Effect.ai’s approach is to incorporate humans and algorithms working together, and their message to organisations is that incorporating AI is simple, it’s not expensive, and it’s something organisations should make a move on now.

Blockchain is a powerful tool that is enabling Effect.ai to tap into a global workforce to translate and structure organisations’ data. As an individual, it doesn’t matter where you are, you can join the platform and value can be transmitted to you through blockchain. That’s why thousands are already earning crypto on the blockchain structuring and translating data. It’s another example of blockchain enabling fairer value distribution across the globe.

Chris is sitting in the front seat of AI. We ask him, where’s artificial intelligence heading? What kind of products are appearing in the marketplace? How are companies like Amazon and Tesla actually AI companies?

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In the TX Podcast series, we dive into web 3 technologies and their role in the emergence of data economies with guests from some of the most forward-thinking companies from around the world. We talk about innovative ways of engineering value from data and the next generation of internet technologies including blockchain, decentralisation, AI and machine learning.

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