TX conducted an investigation of the data assets within MPTC to identify new ways of generating value.

Client: Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC)

Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) is the largest toll road developer and operator in the Philippines in terms of vehicle traffic volume, revenue levels, asset base, and in terms of combined length of expressways in kilometers. The company has also a growing number of toll road projects in Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

NLEX highway vending counter (Image: MPTC).

The challenge

With the increasing levels of congestion on road networks globally and the ever-evolving demand from road users and other key stakeholders for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) related offerings, Expressway Network Operators all over the world are considering how to transition from simply being a network developer and maintainer to a network operator.

At the core of any MaaS offering is data. Data is the asset that unlocks opportunities for toll road operators to provide new and improved services for their customers.

As one of the more progressive toll road operators in Southeast Asia, MPTC had recognised that data is an asset with vast commercial potential – if engineered to create value for both them and their customers, the road users. On the busiest stretch of MPTC road network, NLEX (North Luzon Expressway), over 230,000 road users travel daily. A large portion of them are coming into Metro Manila for work, which causes significant levels of congestion in the urban area. Better access to information and alternative services could help manage the situation and improve the overall experience.

NLEX highway structures (Image: MPTC).

The Assess study

After several discussions and citing the Streamr technology platform – a blockchain-enabled data transportation and monetisation platform – as one possible solution, MPTC engaged TX – Tomorrow Explored to undertake a study that would assess the opportunities for engineering value from data produced by MPTC’s various toll road assets and road users through direct and indirect data monetisation.

We conducted a high-level investigation of the data assets within MPTC, which included a review and recommendations on implementing a data lake instead of a data warehouse to improve storage, accessibility and distribution. Using this information as the foundation, we identified multiple opportunities for engineering value from data whilst also reinforcing the existing digital strategies to transition MPTC towards becoming a data-driven company.

The suggested enhancements to the MPTC digital strategy can potentially speed up unlocking the value of their data to the benefit of MPTC and their customers. Internal efficiency gains can potentially be realised as well as opening up new business opportunities. For MPTC’s customers, it means more services and access to information that will further enhance the overall customer experience.

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On this episode, we have Raymund Patrick Ramos, Technology Officer at Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation, the largest toll road operator in the Philippines and one of the largest in Asia. MPTC is one of the forward thinking tollroad operators beginning their data journey to unlock value from data and create improved services for their customers.

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